All In Student Ministries

Mission statement (Connection is key, having fun is a must, loving others is our passion)

Age group-
youth group 15-19 (High school)
Meet Wednesday nights at 7 pm

College group 19-23
Meets Sunday nights at 6 pm

“We come here to learn about the Bible and to praise God, but getting to have fun while doing it and being a part of a second family are bonuses.” -Boone Kallam

“I love that our youth pastor and youth are able to include new teens and make them feel welcome. I have noticed that we don’t care what they look like or where they come from, we are just happy to have them in church.” -Carlie Hicks

“Worship is a passion of mine, I have always enjoyed getting up there in front of our youth and bringing the word through worship!” -Cameron Lawrence

Our vision for the students at SPHC is to help them find their purpose in life; not what they want but what Gods wants for them. We want to equip them for the next stages in their life, whether that’s a new job, relationship, college, or any other path they may be taking. We build a connection with all of our students in a way that suits them because every student is unique and we recognize that. We hope and pray that when a student comes on a Wednesday or Sunday, they not only have fun and connect with others, but they experience God. We hope you will come out and join us on a Wednesday or Sunday night.