Children’s Church

The Stoneville Pentecostal Holiness Children’s Church Ministry is directed to children 5 to 10 years old.

Children are special to God and He has great plans for their lives.

Our desire is to lay a foundation that will enable them to grow into all that God has planned for them.
Our focus for the children this year is to “Live Like Jesus”.

We teach this by:

  • Using praise and worship music that gets them moving
  • Praying with them
    • encouraging the use of their prayer box [to write out requests]
    • or by writing their prayer requests on our Prayer Circle wall
    • Using the prayer model
  • Praise
  • Ask
  • Confess
  • [give] Thanks.
  • Presenting an interactive Bible lesson that teaches about Jesus, what He would do and providing a practical application to their lives. We use various teaching methods to engage and excite the children about God’s word:
  • Use of Bibles designed for children and helping each child learn that the Bible is God’s word
  • dressing up and acting out the Bible lesson
  • interactive games to reinforce applying the Bible truth to their lives
  • use of art in various forms to highlight key points
  • Communication with parents via take home notes describing the focus of the lesson and how it may be reinforced at home.

Our goal is to show each child the love of Jesus, and we do that by showing genuine care and love to them.

Courtney Shelton

Children’s Church Director